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At Discover Darjeeling, we value our partnership with lodging owners and strive to maintain a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship. To ensure a smooth booking process and a positive experience for both guests and partners, we have established the following booking policy

1. Availability and Rates:

1.1 Lodging owners are responsible for maintaining accurate availability and rates for their properties on our platform.

1.2 Any updates or changes to availability and rates should be promptly communicated to Discover Darjeeling to avoid any discrepancies.

2. Instant Booking Confirmation:

2.1 Discover Darjeeling operates on an instant booking confirmation model, ensuring quick and seamless reservations for guests.

2.2 When a guest makes a booking through our platform, it is considered confirmed, and lodging owners are expected to honor the reservation.

3. Payment Processing:

3.1 Discover Darjeeling handles payment processing for guest reservations made through our platform.

3.2 Lodging owners can expect timely and secure payment transfers for their bookings, with clear communication regarding payment schedules.

4. Guest Information and Privacy:

4.1 Discover Darjeeling respects the privacy of guests and lodging owners. Any personal information collected during the booking process will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable data protection laws.

4.2 Lodging owners are expected to treat guest information confidentially and not disclose or misuse it for any other purpose.

5. Communication and Support:

5.1 Open and timely communication is essential for a successful partnership. DiscoverDarjeeling encourages lodging owners to promptly respond to guest inquiries, requests, and any issues related to reservations.

5.2 Our customer support team is available to assist lodging owners with any questions or concerns they may have regarding bookings, policies, or platform usage.

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