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At Discover Darjeeling, we value our partnership with lodging owners and aim to provide a transparent and convenient payment process. Our Price & Payment Policy ensures clarity and simplicity for our partners. Here are the details of our policy:

1. Pricing and Rates:

1.1 Lodging owners are responsible for setting the pricing and rates for their properties listed on Discover Darjeeling.

1.2 It is important to ensure that the pricing information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and reflects the agreed-upon rates.

2. Monthly Billing Cycle:

2.1 We follow a monthly billing process with our partners.

2.2 At the end of each month, we generate a comprehensive invoice that includes the details of the bookings made through Discover Darjeeling for the respective partner's property.

3. Direct Payments to Partners:

3.1 Payments for the bookings are made directly to the lodging owner by the booking party.

3.2 Discover Darjeeling serves as a facilitator and does not handle or process the actual payment transactions.

3.3 Lodging owners should provide clear payment instructions to guests, including accepted payment methods and any deposit requirements.

3.4 During payments made through Discover Darjeeling, the transaction fee charged by the payment gateway partner is 2%, while Discover Darjeeling does not receive any portion of the transaction.

3.5 If you do not want to pay the extra 2% commission to the payment gateway partner then you can opt to pay at the site.

4. Billing Statement and Invoice:

4.1 The monthly invoice generated by Discover Darjeeling will provide a detailed breakdown of the bookings, including check-in and check-out dates, guest names, and booking amounts.

4.2 The billing statement serves as a transparent record of the bookings made through Discover Darjeeling for the specific partner.

5. Payment Collection and Frequency:

5.1 It is the responsibility of the lodging owner to collect payments directly from the booking party at the time of check-in or as per the agreed-upon payment terms.

5.2 Discover Darjeeling does not hold or process any funds related to the bookings.

5.3 Payments are made by the booking party directly to the lodging owner.

6. Timely Payments:

6.1 Lodging owners should ensure prompt collection of payments from the booking party as per their agreed-upon payment terms.

6.2 Discover Darjeeling expects that lodging owners fulfill their obligations in delivering the booked services upon receiving the payment from the booking party.

7. Customer Support:

7.1 Discover Darjeeling provides dedicated customer support to assist lodging owners with any questions or concerns regarding payments, billing statements, or monthly invoices.

7.2 Our support team is available to address any payment-related issues or discrepancies that may arise.

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