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At Discover Darjeeling, we understand that circumstances may arise where refunds need to be issued to the booking party. As a partner, it is important to familiarize yourself with our refund policy to ensure a smooth and fair process. Here are the details of our refund policy:

1. Cancellation and Refund Terms:

1.1 Lodging owners are responsible for setting their own cancellation and refund policies for bookings made through Discover Darjeeling.

1.2 In the event of cancellation by a customer, Discover Darjeeling won't be liable for any compensation to the accommodation owner.

1.3 It is essential to clearly communicate the cancellation and refund terms to guests, including any applicable fees or conditions.

2. Partner Refund Obligations:

2.1 In the event of a valid refund request from the booking party, lodging owners are responsible for processing the refund directly to the booking party.

2.2 Refunds should be issued promptly and in accordance with the agreed-upon cancellation and refund terms.

3. Refund Disputes:

3.1 Discover Darjeeling serves as a mediator in case of any refund disputes between the booking party and the lodging owner.

3.2 Lodging owners should cooperate with Discover Darjeeling to resolve any refund disputes in a fair and timely manner.

4. Communication and Documentation:

4.1 It is important for lodging owners to maintain clear communication with the booking party regarding refund requests and provide any necessary documentation or evidence to support the refund decision.

4.2 Timely and transparent communication helps in resolving refund issues more effectively.

5. Refund Processing Fee:

5.1 Discover Darjeeling does not charge any additional refund processing fee to lodging owners for facilitating the refund process.

5.2 However, please note that certain payment gateways or financial institutions may impose their own fees or charges, which are beyond our control.

6. Customer Support:

6.1 Discover Darjeeling provides dedicated customer support to assist lodging owners with any refund-related inquiries or concerns.

6.2 Our support team is available to address any refund disputes, provide guidance, and facilitate communication between the lodging owner and the booking party.

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