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At Discover Darjeeling, we value the partnership with our accommodation providers and understand that circumstances may arise where it becomes necessary to cancel a booking. To maintain transparency and provide a fair policy for both our partners and guests, we have established the following cancellation guidelines:

1. Partner Cancellation:

1.1 In the event that a partner needs to cancel a confirmed booking, prompt communication is essential.

1.2 Partners are expected to notify Discover Darjeeling and the guest as soon as possible regarding the cancellation.

1.3 Partners should provide a valid reason for the cancellation, such as unexpected property maintenance, double booking, or unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, etc.

2. Guest Communication:

2.1 Discover Darjeeling will handle the communication with the guest regarding the partner's cancellation.

2.2 We will provide the guest with alternative accommodation options, if available, and assist them in finding a suitable replacement.

2.3 Our customer support team will ensure that the guest is informed of the cancellation and any necessary changes to their reservation.

3. Compensation and Alternative Arrangements:

3.1 In the event of a partner cancellation, we expect our partners to offer suitable compensation or alternative arrangements to the affected guest.

3 .2 Partners may offer a comparable accommodation option within the same area or provide assistance in finding alternative accommodation.

4. Partner Accountability:

4.1 Discover Darjeeling expects partners to honor their commitments and avoid cancellations whenever possible.

4.2 Frequent or unjustified cancellations may lead to a review of the partnership agreement and possible removal from the Discover Darjeeling platform.

5. Force Majeure:

5.1 In exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the partner, such as natural disasters or unforeseen government regulations, the cancellation policy may be waived or modified.

5.2 Partners should communicate such circumstances promptly to Discover Darjeeling and work collaboratively to find a fair resolution for the guest.

6. Communication and Support:

6.1 Discover Darjeeling will act as an intermediary between the partner and the guest to facilitate open communication and resolve any issues related to cancellations.

6.2 Our customer support team is available to assist partners in handling cancellations and providing guidance throughout the process.

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