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Discover Darjeeling values its partnership with lodging owners and strives to ensure compliance with Indian laws and regulations. This commission policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the commission charged by Discover Darjeeling for bookings made through our platform, in accordance with Indian laws and guidelines. Here are the details of our commission policy:

1. Commission Percentage:

1.1 Discover Darjeeling charges a commission fee of 10% on the total booking value for each successful booking made through our platform.

1.2 The commission percentage of 10% complies with Indian regulations and is applied to the total booking value, including the room rate and any additional charges or fees.

2. Commission Calculation:

2.1 The commission amount is calculated by multiplying the commission percentage (10%) by the total booking value.

2.2 For example, if the total booking value is ₹10,000, the commission amount would be ₹1,000 (10% of ₹10,000).

3. Commission Payment:

3.1 Discover Darjeeling follows a monthly billing process with our partners.

3.2 Payments for bookings made through our platform are made directly to the lodging owner by the booking party.

3.3 Discover Darjeeling will issue a monthly invoice to the lodging owner, which includes the commission amount for the bookings made within that billing period.

3.4 The lodging owner is responsible for reconciling and tracking the payments received from the booking party against the commission owed to Discover Darjeeling.

4. Commission Settlement:

4.1 The lodging owner is required to settle the commission amount with Discover Darjeeling within the specified payment terms mentioned in the partnership agreement.

4.2 Discover Darjeeling will provide clear instructions and details for commission payment, including the accepted payment methods and payment deadlines, ensuring compliance with Indian financial regulations.

5. Exclusions from Commission:

5.1 Discover Darjeeling's commission is applicable only to bookings made through our platform.

5.2 Any bookings made outside of Discover Darjeeling, such as direct bookings or bookings through other channels, are exempt from the commission.

6. Commission Reporting:

6.1 Discover Darjeeling will provide lodging owners with detailed commission reports that outline the bookings and the corresponding commission amounts.

6.2 These reports serve as transparent documentation of the commission calculations and payments made by the lodging owner.

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